Get peace of mind with added protection for your business against a data breach, extortion or ransomware incident and multiple other cyber threats.
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Coverage Against Attacks

Protect your businesses against costs associated with a cyber attack with a cyber liability policy

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If your business uses computers to send, receive, or store information you are susceptible to a cyber attack. Your computer system might contain sensitive data about employees, vendors or customers. If that data is lost or compromised by a hacker, you could be sued for damages. You will also be responsible for informing individuals whose personal information has been compromised and that can be costly.
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Data Breaches
Business Interruption
Cyber Extortion Defense
Forensic Support
Legal Support
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Cyber Liability Solutions

Today, businesses have to be ready for everything, including a cyber attack. Cyber Coverage can protect your business from the always evolving threat of a digital attack on your information or systems. UIS can provide quotes for a variety of scenarios, such as data breaches, business interruptions loss, cyber extortion defense, legal support and more.
Cyber Risk Solutions
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General Liability

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