A Unique Organization

UIS Insurance & Investments is dedicated to providing our clients with incredibly responsive customer service and reliable professional advice. 

Our Core Beliefs

At UIS, we adhere to set of guiding principles that have become our core values and beliefs. The expectation is that all employees of UIS are now & will remain passionately in tune with these beliefs through their career.
UIS Insurance & Investments Management Team
UIS Insurance & Investments management team.
Respect, value and enjoy our client and carrier relationships
Demonstrate a passion for extraordinary service; wow the client every time
Commit ourselves to excellence in our professionalism
Practice & sustain a highly ethical & moral culture
Maintain independence and private ownership
Be socially and civically involved in our communities
Manage for consistent and orderly growth
Generate a fair and healthy financial profit
Maintain a family atmosphere throughout all of our offices
UIS Insurance & Investments

Trusted Advisors

We have several community based, convenient offices to better serve your needs. We are fiercely committed to the towns we live and work in and strive to support the local business environment.
Our approach is different from that of most insurance agencies. Our agents are Trusted Advisors to our clients. These Trusted Advisors are the "Insurance Quarterback" for all things insurance and risk related for the customer. This "Quarterback" coordinates all the insurance needs (Personal Insurance, Business Benefits, Commercial Insurance and Wealth Protection) for the client by using our team of UIS professionals.
Our Trusted Advisors focus on improving our client's profitability by lowering their total cost of risk through risk investigation and control. Our "Risk Analysis Audit" incorporates innovative technology, value added services, and risk transfer mechanisms to ensure a reduced cost of doing business. This not only helps our client's financial statements improve but it allows us to have the insurance marketplace "battle for your business."
Because of this intimate working knowledge of our clients, we receive "Preferred Recognition by our Partner Insurance Companies". The establishment of these trusted relationships with our carriers is critical to communicating and receiving the best possible pricing and claims service for you.
Let's get started working for you.
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