At a time when pressure is on employers to reduce cost and watch profit margins cost for employer benefits are at an all time high, with no relief in sight. Employers are looking for innovative ways of slowing down and controlling rate adjustments. At UIS Insurance & Investments we act as trusted advisers to implement long-term benefit strategies to accomplish these tasks.

Our two primary goals are to: 1.) Achieve the most “cost effective-high valve” benefit plan possible. Through a benefit analysis of goals and philosophies we are able to come up with innovative approaches to take our clients to the next level of consumer driven health care. 2.) Ease the administrative burden on the employer and/or Human Resource department. UIS Insurance & Investments offers a local personal touch when it comes to handling benefit related issues. Our goal is to be an extension of your Human Resources department.

One major concern to employers is the shrinking global economy with concern for health coverage for their employees. We have been able to meet our clients need when it comes to providing their employees with medical coverage abroad. As more and more employees travel outside this country for business the current benefit structure may not be adequate or fit your needs. We have a plan that will give them assistance and coverage up front.

Our benefit expert has more than 20 years of experience dealing in this complex market. Our diversified team of professionals is dedicated to understanding your business and creating solutions to meet your goals.