UIS Insurance & Investments has provided insurance and risk management services to petroleum marketers and convenience store operators since 1967.

As an industry, petroleum marketers must deal regularly with a wide array of issues imposed by various governmental agencies and by the very marketplace, itself. From a risk management perspective, these issues can only be properly addressed by a professional well versed in these issues and the risk management techniques and insurance products available to protect you.

The vast majority of both insurance companies and insurance agencies are not trained nor experienced in working with this industry.

UIS Insurance & Investments’s Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Operators Program includes specialty insurance coverage tailored to the needs of each client. Our program team is led by a specialist in the field with over 25 years experience and is supplemented by our Independent Partner companies who work with us and our clients in providing specialized risk management services including fleet safety.

UIS Insurance & Investments is a proud member of the Ohio Petroleum marketers and Convenience Store Operators Association (OPMCA).