Today’s manufacturing environment is one of extreme competition, locally and globally. Manufacturing companies have incredible pressure to reduce costs and improve profitability. The philosophy of UIS Insurance & Investments is to work with our clients to lower the overall Total Cost of Risk for our manufacturing partners. Our detailed Manufacturing Risk Analysis Program is a method to help lower insurance pricing, and reduce current and potential costly claims.

From light assembly to large multi-state and international manufacturing companies, UIS has the in-house expertise to evaluate and build the optimum insurance and risk program. Our team of experienced insurance professionals reviews all aspects of the risk program to uncover hidden costs. Listed below are some elements of the review process:

  • Safety Management Systems
  • Vehicle Defense and Fleet Management
  • Risk Assessment & Hazard Analysis
  • Loss Review & Claims Management Strategies
  • Corporate Shield Analysis
  • Management Professional Risk Review
  • International and State-to-State Risk Review
  • Workers Comp Review

Our Manufacturing Industry Expert, is a 10 year veteran of the manufacturing world having had responsibilities in operations management, safety & environmental, engineering and maintenance, and ISO9000 quality system implementation. This coupled with 10 years as a Certified Insurance Counselor gives our lead industry expert the unique ability to understand the needs of today’s lean manufacturing clients.

Our ultimate philosophy is to spend significant time up front to fully analyze the operation, before we build the ideal insurance model and then approach the insurance marketplace. The insurance company marketplace is well aware of the depth of involvement we have with our clients and they have an incredible desire to “pull out the stops” to offer us their best insurance pricing and broadest manufacturing insurance policies. Our goal is to have insurance companies fighting over your business!